Telsonic Ultrasonics Enhances Tubular Bag Sealing Technology

Feb 14, 2022

Properly sealing bags that contain food or drinks is crucial, not only to keep products fresh and safe for consumption, but also to protect the contents during shipping and sales. Made of durable polyethylene and easily recyclable, tubular film bags are used throughout the food and beverage industry.

Telsonic Ultrasonics recently enhanced its tubular bag sealing technology to further provide the food and beverage industry with effective, efficient solutions while using this material. The latest ultrasonic Bag Sealing Module – VFFS from Telsonic enhances the sealing and separation processes on tubular bag packaging while reducing film costs and increasing productivity levels.

The Ultrasonic Sealing Process

As noted in a Telsonic Ultrasonics press release, the high-performance and dynamic control characteristics of the MAG generators, used across all of Telsonic’s packaging technology, ensure minimal reject rates, maximum process reliability, and highest cycle rates.

A significant benefit of the ultrasonic sealing process is that heat-sensitive foods or drinks will not be affected. Heat generation is kept to a minimum through the use of a water-cooled anvil and also because the sealing cycle is fast.

Telsonic Ultrasonic’s enhanced tubular bag sealing technology, shown here, offers many benefits for the food and beverage packaging industry.

According to the release, Telsonic’s solution is based on the ultrasonic bag sealing module VFFS. The unit incorporates two ultrasonic systems with 165mm wide sonotrodes that have integrated cooling within the clamping unit plus digital MAG generators, each of which has a maximum output of 2.4kW at a frequency of 30kHz.

The cutting knife also can be integrated into the robust and rigid module to ensure reliable cut. The sealing module, which can be integrated into standard VFFS tubular bag machines, can be connected to a servomotor with an air-cushioned end position.

The design of Telsonic’s Bag Sealing Module – VFFS provides enhanced mechanical stability for extended service life. It features state-of-the-art process control and high efficiency and performance levels. Built-in self-check routines and error logs, combined with the availability of fast remote service, ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

7 Benefits of Tubular Bag Sealing Module – VFFS

Telsonic Ultrasonic’s enhanced tubular bag sealing technology offers many benefits for food and beverage suppliers. They include:

  • Fast startup, which means reduced scrap
  • Short weld time for greater throughput
  • Secure welding for better quality
  • Minimal heating of sonotrodes, so food and beverage supply companies won’t have to worry about damage to the film or the products due to the heat
  • Low-maintenance technology for lower maintenance costs
  • High energy efficiency for reduced energy costs
  • Narrow sealing seams for more optimal use of materials

To learn more about our partnership with Telsonic Ultrasonics, call our manufacturing and integration facility, located in Chesterfield, Michigan, or send us a message through our website.

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