Supplier Spotlight: Keyence Corporation

Introducing Keyence

Keyence’s extensive product offering that ranges from simple sensors, safety, process, measurement sensors, static eliminators, laser, and inkjet marking, handheld mobile computers, barcode readers, machine vision, and digital microscopes. Keyence One Supplier creates opportunities for fast delivery, direct sales, and global support that is quick and effective for all applications. Our on-site demonstrations allow the products to come to you for application solving and technology improvements. 

at a glance

  • Safety Light Curtains, Safety Area Scanners (PLS), Safety Controllers, and Safety Interlocks (non-contact, locking, and hybrid)
  • Laser Sensors that ignore color, angles, and surface finish with detection range up to 30m. 
  • Full-Spectrum Sensor that has stable detection of changes in appearance. 
  • General-Purpose Metal Photoeyes that are durable, high powered, and simple to use. 
  • Digital Fiberoptic Sensors that are flexible, simple, and offer reliable, stable detection. 

World Class technology innovation

Keyence prides itself on developing purpose-built products that serve customer’s needs. Our direct network of consultative sales professionals serving over 250,000 clients allows us to develop products based on customer insights. Because of this, 70% of products feature the world’s first or industry first technologies.

Our IV Vision Sensor and IX Laser Scanning sensor are two of our world class innovations, providing customers with an easy to deploy platform for handling daily error proofing applications.

at a glance

  • IV3 Series Vision Sensor with AI
  • IX Laser Scanning Sensor
  • SJ Series Static Eliminators
  • GT2 Contact Measurement LVDTs
  • FT Series for Infrared Temperature Sensing

Adding Value To Your Factory Automation

Keyence’s Controls Portfolio includes PLCs, HMIs, Servo Drives/Motors, and Remote IO. Keyence has been developing and perfecting this technology for over 30 years and is one of the largest PLC suppliers in Asia. With the recent release of the KV-8000, its impressive troubleshooting, data analyzing, and machine monitoring capabilities it is quickly gaining traction in North America. The KV-8000 offers a user-friendly programming platform with unique debugging and preventative maintenance features that will help reduce downtime and maximize machine OEE. With industry leading speed, IoT Capabilities (SCADA and SQL database communications), large program capacity, and vast protocol and device communication capabilities, the KV-8000 is a versatile value add to any manufacturing plant.

at a glance

  • Built-In Machine Recording Feature. Replay back ladder/device status leading up to a machine fault
  • Native Ethernet/IP communication with mutliple supported protocols. 64 MB Program Capacity 256 EIP Nodes
  • ONE-TIME Site Software License with unlimited seats, free upgrades, and Free Support
  • IN STOCK Controls components with Fast Delivery
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