Automation Solutions for the Packaging Industry

KIMASTLE sets the standard in automation innovations for the packaging industry here in Michigan and throughout the country.

The packaging industry is booming and becoming more and more complex as manufacturers try to figure out new ways to get product into the hands of the consumer.

KIMASTLE has an extensive background in robotics. We can manufacture turnkey solutions for the packaging industry that will help companies palletize and organize products. Through the integration of conveyor systems, AGV, robotics, vision technology, and more, we can help you reduce the mistakes, increase output, and streamline processes.

Based in Macomb County, Michigan, KIMASTLE is an industry leader in creating plastic innovations for the packaging industry.

Your Resource for
Packaging Solutions

We create innovative plastic solutions for the packaging industry through the following capabilities:

  • Palletizing Robotics
  • Robotic Transfer
  • Vision Inspection
  • Barcode Reading
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Weight and Dimensional Poke Yoke

Based in Chesterfield, Michigan, KIMASTLE is known near and far for its reliable, creative, and effective plastic innovations and integrations.