Plastic Integrations for the Medical Industry

KIMASTLE specializes in plastic assembly and plastic integrations for the medical industry.

This industry is no stranger to the latest advancements in technology. It is amazing when the products you manufacture are more complex than the machines producing them. If we are capable of living longer using the technologies we manufacture, let’s make sure every minute is easier by effectively developing a manufacturing solution.

KIMASTLE Corporation strives to deliver new solutions to the medical industry. If you’re looking to manufacture PPE, face masks, or surgical grounds, we can help you!

From simple ergo workstations to automated hermetically sealed medical containers and beyond, we can help you leverage today’s latest technologies. Ask us today how we can help you further advance your products and services through our plastic assembly and plastic integrations for the medical industry.

Our Chesterfield, Michigan manufacturing business specializes in plastic integrations for the medical industry, as represented in this photo of a surgical procedure.

Processes & Technologies for
the Medical Industry

KIMASTLE can offer a multitude of plastic integrations that have simplified or enhanced processes and services in the medical field. Examples of our turnkey solutions include:

  • Textiles (Woven and Nonwoven)
  • Robotic Transfer
  • Microfluidics
  • Robotic Pill Sorting
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Quality Inspection and Testing

We implement advanced technologies in our Chesterfield, Michigan plastic assembly facility to create optimal solutions for our clients. Technologies include:

  • Laser Plastic Welding
  • Process Heat
  • Sonic Welding
  • Sonic Cutting
  • Assembly
  • Robotics
  • Gantry Servo XYZ

We are proud to support the medical industry through advancements in technology and equipment, so let us know what you need.

If it’s made of plastic, KIMASTLE can help you assemble it.