Automated Assembly Solutions

KIMASTLE is always looking to reduce cycle time and operator error for the sake of our customers. Our team works with customers and suppliers to continuously try to decrease the complexity of assembly, increase levels of traceability, and improve function of our machines and processes.

As the world’s leading industries continue to increase the complexity of their assemblies, KIMASTLE strives to develop and maintain ergonomic and leading-edge automated assembly designs that turn complexity into simplicity.

We’re thoroughly committed to helping our customers adapt to an ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment. From the design process through the manufacturing and testing stages, we offer cost-saving solutions to give our customers the competitive advantage they’re looking for.

Assembly Solutions

  • Clip Drive
  • Automatic Screw Insertion
  • Nut Running
  • Riveting
  • Headliner Assembly
  • Snap Assembly
  • General Assembly
  • Collaborative Robotics Assembly
  • Electrical and Functional Test Equipment