Advancements in Automotive Industry Plastics

The Automotive Industry has made advancements in quality, customer personalization, energy efficiency, traceability, and timing. Each of these areas are made possible with new technologies, advancements in automotive industry plastics, and years of process development. These new technologies and processes require experienced automation integrators like KIMASTLE Corporation to develop and manufacture advanced automated systems to support the production of complex assemblies.

KIMASTLE Corporation has over 30 years of experience manufacturing turnkey solutions for the automotive industry. Our solutions range from simple standalone fixtures to large industrial conveyor lines. We have the latest solutions and technologies to help your company support today’s manufacturing requirements. We integrate the latest technologies in vision, sensing, robotics, staking, cutting, wrapping, adhesive bonding, dispensing, and forming. Machines can also be wirelessly programmed for remote access.

Working with our customers, automation industry leaders, and technical experts allows us to develop cutting-edge manufacturing solutions that produce higher quality products, increase capacity, and eliminate risk. It is our mission to provide innovative forward-thinking solutions that help our customers achieve higher levels of success. See some of the automotive products we work with today.

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