Tech / Mechanical Support

We send mechanical engineers, Designers, Electricians, Programmers, Builders, Sales men, etc. to our customers location and solve their problems. If the problem cannot be solved at their facility, they are able to ship the machine/ automation to our facility and can expect a high quality solution returned in a timely fashion.

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Areas of support

Global Support

We have traveled to Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South America, North America, Europe, China etc.

We are capable of sending teams all over the world to support our machines and customers.

Remote Programming Support

We are able to use an internet connection to connect with our machinery. This allows us to program the machine without having to spend money on travel costs. Trouble shooting or re writing programs due to a change is machine functionality can be solved quickly and easily by simply making a phone call or email.

Mexico (Saltillo) Support team

We full time Support in Mexico allowing us to maintain a large volume of machines located in plants all over Mexico.

This team is trained to complete a multitude of tasks including, Fabrication, Build, Programming and Controls.

Installation of new equipment and or new parts for equipment can be solved in a timely cost-effective manner.

We are looking into the development of a Secondary location in Mexico all Latin American Support is Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and English.