Extol’s New Solution: Proprietary NanoStake Staking Technology

Apr 19, 2022

Zeeland, Michigan-based Extol has developed several new technologies recently, including its nanoStake staking technology.

The technology offers engineers with practical resources for plastic integrations and plastic assembly. It is especially popular within the automotive, energy, electronics, and health care industries, but it has been recognized by many others as well.

Extol’s nanoStake Staking Technology

As described on the Plastics Technology website, Extol’s nanoStake staking technology uses a proprietary heating technology to rapidly heat and cool a punch to stake all types of thermoplastics. Its small size allows it to fit into tight spaces that may be difficult for more traditional forms of staking technologies.

Plastics Technology notes that nanoStake uses a “Smart Respond” heating technology with an embedded temperature sensor for true closed-loop process control to rapidly heat and cool a punch in order to stake plastic.

Extol's Robot Load Auto Screwdrive nanoSTAKE Automation

“The low-current (1.5A), high-performance heater heats the punch to a programmed melt temperature in seconds and forms the boss into a stake. Once the punch reaches the correct height, it rapidly cools to a programmed release temperature and retracts with no sticking. The whole process can happen in less than 5 seconds and can stake bosses as small as 0.5 mm. Additional features include exporting data, validation mode, teach mode, and extensive quality monitoring,” as noted in the PT post.

The new technology is designed to provide an alternative solution to ultrasonic welding, hot punch, and hot air staking. An additional option with nanoStake technology is the DataPLUS network communication system, which allows for data to be available to a PLC over an ethernet connection.

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(Images via Extol YouTube page)

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