Innovative Solutions in Action, Case in Point: KUKA Robot Assists with Baby Food Production

Jul 25, 2022

Businesses that can create innovative solutions, especially in times of need, may stand out among the rest.

Such was the case when system integrator MODU System in Malaysia used a KR Delta machine from KUKA to pick up and move baby food measuring spoons along a conveyor belt system. This machine was chosen for its hygienic features, which are fundamental to food safety.

This is how it works.

Two KR DELTA robots pick up measuring spoons from a conveyor belt and place them on a second belt in open conveyor pockets, each holding a food bag with baby food. In a free area next to each bag is a sticker that includes a bar code.

“When the robot detects the free area via the camera, it knows to place a spoon there,” Rajinderjit Singh, regional manager of MODU System, said in a post on the KUKA website.

Another machine then pushes the bag and spoon into a box. With a cycle time of as little as 0.5 seconds, two robots can manage about 80 spoons per minute.

At the same time, the robots and the KUKA software behind them, such as KUKA.VisionTech for 2D object recognition and KUKA.PickControl, work with high precision, avoiding potential manual errors, as noted in the release.

Advancements such as these occur every day, and they can inspire other companies to create their own solutions by taking advantage of integration and automation technology.

Food and beverage manufacturers who are looking for innovative ways to speed up, enhance, optimize, and safeguard their own processes can contact KIMASTLE Corporation in Chesterfield, Michigan, for automation solution engineering support.

(Image via the KUKA website)

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