Cognex Introduces New High-Performance Handheld Barcode Readers

Feb 9, 2022

Are you looking for state-of-the-art integration of barcode readers? If so, Cognex has introduced its DataMan 8700 series, which is designed to instantly read even the most challenging codes.

Built on a completely redesigned platform, these handheld readers deliver cutting-edge performance and ease of use with no tuning or operator training required, according to Cognex.

“Cognex specializes in reading the most difficult barcodes at the highest speed and accuracy,” Carl Gerst, Cognex Senior Vice President and Business Unit Manager of Identification Products, said in a press release.

“With the 8700 Series, we’ve developed the world’s fastest line of industrial handheld readers, offering unprecedented response times and durability right out of the box.”

Featuring advanced image formation and quick processing, the 8700 Series can instantly read challenging direct part mark (DPM) and label-based codes, even when vital elements of the code are missing or damaged. Designed with oil-resistant and waterproof plastics, the readers are built to last in the harshest manufacturing environments, as described in the release.

The new readers include built-in OLED display screens to enable quick setup and operator feedback, such as wireless signal strength, read string data, and remaining battery life. They also support a broad range of industrial protocols and wireless communication options to connect seamlessly and operate efficiently in any facility.

The barcode readers are ideal for improving factory efficiency, productivity, and component traceability across a range of industries, including automotive, medical devices, electronics, and aerospace.

Highlights of the DataMan 8700 Series handheld barcode readers include:

  • Tough direct part mark (DPM) and label-based codes
  • Ability to withstand oils, dirt, and water
  • Built-in display screen
  • Quick setup and operator feedback
  • Support of a range of industrial protocols
  • Ability to read codes in less than 150 milliseconds through modern, advanced HDR technology and a high-speed liquid lens
  • Greater communication options, including Bluetooth 4.2
  • Superior image formation without any hot spots

One of our top suppliers for automation integration, Cognex Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures image-based machine vision systems, machine vision sensors, and barcode readers that use artificial intelligence. The advanced technology helps to reduce or eliminate production and shipping errors.

KIMASTLE creates turnkey plastic solutions for the packaging and food and beverage, among many others, for manufacturers here in Michigan and throughout the country.  In addition to barcode reading, our capabilities include palletizing robotics, robotic transfer, vision inspection, conveyor systems, and poke yoke.

As the packaging industry becomes more complex and more technology-driven, manufacturers continue to look for new and innovative ways to remain competitive and get their products into the hands of the consumer as quickly as possible. This is especially important now in the COVID era, when supply chain concerns require faster turnaround times to help keep up the pace with demand.

In this era, it’s important for manufacturers to continue innovating. Through integration of vision technology, you may be able to further streamline your processes in order to continue providing your customers with the exceptional service they have come to expect.

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