ABB Introduces New OmniCore™ Robot Controllers for Manufacturing

Mar 21, 2022

ABB recently expanded its robot controller offering with two new controllers, E10 and V250XT, which are designed for more energy-efficient manufacturing processes. The controllers offer faster performance, enhanced flexibility, and scalability through inclusion of more than 1,000 software and hardware functions.

According to a press release from ABB, the new E10 and V250XT controllers offer “best-in-class motion control, as well as 20 percent energy savings and future-proofing through built-in digital connectivity and 1000+ additional functions to meet changing requirements.”

The controllers extend the possibilities for enhanced robot control electronics assembly, automotive, logistics, and general manufacturing industries and more. The hardware and software functions encompass areas such as programming, offline commissioning and simulation, maintenance, vision, and safety. They also feature built-in connectivity to ABB Ability™ Connected Services cloud-based service suite for robots.

The E10 features a 19-inch rack-mount design, making it ideal for confined spaces and high-density production lines. It is designed to power ABB’s SCARA robots and articulated robots with payloads of up to 11kg.

Designed to power articulated robots with a payload of up to 300kg, the OmniCore V250XT controller offers a versatile and powerful solution for use in electric vehicle production, automotive manufacturing, logistics, and general industrial applications.

The OmniCore E10 and V250XT controllers consume up to 20 percent less energy compared to ABB’s previous IRC5 controllers due to energy-saving power re-generation technology and brake energy recovery, enabling manufacturers to cut their energy costs and improve energy efficiency, as noted in the release.

Along with the new controllers, ABB also introduced its IoT Gateway open automation software for OmniCore.

“IoT Gateway makes it possible to achieve truly joined-up production by enabling the seamless transmission of data from the factory floor, machine to machine (M2M), robots to other machines and robots to sensors, to the MES/ERP system, or to the cloud,” the release states.

The inclusion of ABB’s TrueMove and QuickMove motion control technology in both controllers offers class-leading cycle times, high speed, position repeatability, and path accuracy. This enables ABB robots to operate faster than other robots in its class and up to 25 percent faster than their predecessors, according to the release.

If you feel that you could take advantage of ABB’s newest technology, we can help you with engineering, design, and integration. To learn more about our partnership with ABB, call our manufacturing and integration facility, located in Chesterfield, Michigan, or send us a message through our website.

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