Advancing the Military Industry with Innovative Plastic Solutions

Dec 1, 2023

Pioneering Plastic Solutions for Military Excellence and Innovation

In the dynamic realm of the military industry, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. KIMASTLE, based in Chesterfield, Michigan, proudly stands as a leader in cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, offering superior solutions in plastic assembly for the military sector. We consider it an honor to contribute to those who sacrifice for our nation’s safety, providing products and services to various military industry suppliers.

Serving Those Who Serve

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified in our collaborations with esteemed entities such as the Training and Education Command for the United States Marine Corps (TECOM). We’ve played a crucial role in producing military implements for vehicles, leveraging our expertise to contribute to the strength and efficiency of our armed forces. Partnerships with industry leaders like N2 Imaging Systems and Rockwell Collins showcase our dedication to providing the latest technologies in plastic welding.

Leading the Charge in Plastic Integrations

KIMASTLE specializes in powerful plastic integrations tailored to the unique needs of the military industry. From weaponry to military vehicles, plastic military vehicle components, and essential gear and equipment, our innovative solutions contribute to the safety and effectiveness of military operations.

Soldier holding a rifle with a plastic magazine, showcasing plastic solutions for the military

When lives are on the line, and national security is at stake, KIMASTLE takes pride in being a trusted partner, providing protection and support through our advanced products and processes. Our commitment extends to every facet of military applications, ensuring that if it’s made of plastic, KIMASTLE can expertly assemble it.

Advancing Military Excellence with KIMASTLE

In the intricate landscape of the military industry, KIMASTLE emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Our mission is clear – to advance military excellence through unparalleled plastic solutions. For those who safeguard our nation, we stand ready to assist in every way possible. Trust KIMASTLE to deliver the precision, quality, and expertise required for the demanding challenges of the military sector. If it’s a plastic assembly needed for military applications, KIMASTLE is your dedicated partner.

Contact us today or give us a call at 586-949-2355 to learn more about how we support and stand with our military.

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