Our History


Corporate Timeline


Founded By Kirk Edward Gilewski President


1st Sonic Weld


Steven Scott Gilewski becomes Vice president


1st Heat stake Machine


1st Robotic Integration

1st International Shipment to Mexico


KIMASTLE adds 2nd Building


1st International Shipment Europe

1st International Shipment Europe

1st Headliner Edge Fold


1st Conveyor System


Rob Houston becomes Vice President of Operations


KIMASTLE develops and launches internal estimating and program management database system.


1st Headliner Edge Wrap


KIMASTLE Hires 1st Employees in Mexico


1st Sonic Punch


KIMASTLE Receives AS91 Certification


KIMASTLE adds 3rd Building

KIMASTLE Joins   EMTD (Eastern Michigan Tool & Die)

1st Aero Space contract

KIMASTLE launches DAGER Systems to accommodate all non-automotive industries.


KIMASTLE Corporation $2.17 Million Contract Issued by Department of the Army.


KIMASTLE Receives ISO9000 Certification


KIMASTLE adds 4th Building

KIMASTLE uses Latest Pneumatic Controls Increase Assembly Capabilities   using BALLUFF


1st International Shipment to China

KIMASTLE launches new website

KIMASTLE develops complex internal tracking and management system

Company History

KIMASTLE was founded in the early 1980’s by a young man who wished to build a company with his family that would support the Automotive Industry. The vision this young entrepreneur wished to share with the world would start off in a 500 sq. ft. facility in his small hometown of New Baltimore Michigan. With a background in the model, fixture, and assembly industries, specializing in automation equipment, Kirk Edward Gilewski would pursue his dream finding KIMASTLE’s first opportunities in the Fuel Line Industry. In the beginning KIMASTLE would take on small accelerated projects with short lead times that many of its larger competition couldn’t capitalize on. A combination of creativity, low overhead, and a focus on the engineering and design of its automation would forge KIMASTLE to become one of the leading specialty machine and automation companies in the automotive industry.

Growth in the 90’s and KIMASTLE’s established customer relationships would motivate KIMASTLE to find its new home in Chesterfield Michigan. Dedicated to continuously investing in new equipment, technology, facilities, and most importantly the development of a strong team would allow KIMASTLE to provide its customers with the reassurance and dependability they would need to find confidence in the future. KIMASTLE was finding success and rapidly growing. Finding the support KIMASTLE would need in order to succeed, would determine its future. KIMASTLE is a family; we specialize in supporting one another in order to support our customers.

The name KIMASTLE derives from the first two letters of “Kirk, Mark, Steve, and Les” the four brothers that grew up together and did nothing but support one another. The answer to ensuring the success of KIMASTLE was family. Due to the rapid growth KIMASTLE wished to provide its new found family with job security and support. Because of this culture the focus on developing new technology and providing innovative solutions to customers couldn’t be clearer. The family has grown from a team of five to currently over a hundred family members throughout the past 30 years. Today KIMASTLE is proud to say they have made it through a number of downturns in the automotive industry and is determined to ensure its customers that the company that they invested in the past will be the automation company of the future. In the words of Kirk Edward Gilewski to the youth of the world “ignorance is bliss” follow your dreams, “Failure is the absence of willingness to attempt the achievement of happiness”. KIMASTLE making visions become reality since 1982.

Our vision

KIMASTLE Corporation’s mission is to provide customers with innovative manufacturing solutions by providing products and services tailored specifically to our customers’ needs and requirements. KIMASTLE Corporation believes in providing automation that will increase the value of both the manufacturing process as well as the products in which the automation manufactures. We will increase the value of our machines through extensive research and development of customer product and internal management.

KIMASTLE Corporation believes in a lean management style that takes pride in eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, and providing a safe working environment. Eliminating waste through standardization and increasing technology allowing the flow of work in progress to have minimal push and pull through the organizational structure. Increasing efficiency with a healthy budget and a responsive managerial team focused on solving solutions and remaining innovative. A Safe environment will be provided through a means of controlled and articulated managerial structure that not only provide a physical means of safety but a mental and spiritual safety for both customers and employees alike.

KIMASTLE is dedicated to ensure that every internal and external relationship be nurtured and developed with the utmost importance. KIMASTLE strives to be the superlative supplier that every customer and employee respects.

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