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Two workers at an industrial plant with a tablet in hand, working together manufacturing activities Posted May 28, 2019

Why Utilize an Industrial Fabricator

Kimastle Corp is a leading provider of industrial fabrication services. While many automotive producers may understand the benefit of using such a company, some other businesses may not be aware of the benefits offered through an industrial fabricator. Therefore, to understand the reasons why it is critical to cost-effective production, a potential client should understand all the potential benefits provided through a fabrication service.

Assembly Solutions

Some of the leading benefits offered through these service providers are assembly solutions. While this is typically the final stage that occurs after weldment and sandblasting, it is a significant benefit to many businesses that do not possess the proper equipment necessary for handling large scale assembly. In addition to assembly, some industrial fabricators may also perform further manufacturing, inspections and even the shipment of the final product.

Design Assistance

While a client searching for a fabrication company may not expect design work to be a part of the deal, some fabricators do specialize in assisting businesses with metal fabrication design. Essentially, a client may approach a fabricator with the interest of having them work on a special project. The fabricator will then help the client determine project specifics and come up with shop drawings that break down the project into its parts.

Manufacturing and Testing

The main reason for seeking out an industrial fabricator is to assist in the actual manufacturing and testing of the fabrication project. Therefore, you want to find a company with experience and a staff of trained and certified practitioners. You will also want a company that offers a variety of services to execute your project efficiently, and one that understands the tools and processes to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Cutting and Burning

    Cutting and burning refer to the process of removing excess raw material to get the desired output. These tasks are typically performed with specialized band saws with hardened blades, cutting torches or even CNC machines fitted with cutting torches.
  • Machining

    Most fabrication shops will have the tools necessary to perform machining, which is the process of removing excess material from a metal block to form the desired shape. These tools will likely include metal lathes, drills, mills or portable equipment. Machining is typically used for smaller or solid components, like nuts and bolts.
  • Forming

    Forming is an essential task of fabrication work, and it is the process of taking a flat piece of metal and shaping it into a three-dimensional object. This part of fabrication work does not involve the removal or addition of material, only the shaping of it with tremendous pressure. The tools often required in this process are punches, dies and presses that can regulate the amount of force and pressure applied.
  • Welding

    Any fabricator worth their salt will know their way around a welder, as this is a fundamental aspect of metal fabrication. In order to piece together several fabricated parts, a fabricator must tack weld the components. It is a good idea to find a company that employs seasoned welders because as much as welding is a craft, there is also an art to it that is likely only developed through experience.

Custom Solutions

In addition to basic fabrication work, many companies do offer custom solutions for your specific project. While you may only need a bit of welding or forming, there are fabricators who are capable of taking your project from a design to a completed element.

Don’t try and go it alone. Fabrication is an extensive and expensive operation for those companies not set up for it. Therefore, why not hire a steel fabricator that can handle every phase of your fabrication project. Contact Kimastle Corp at (586) 949-2355 and talk to a representative today.

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