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steel punch press Posted May 18, 2018

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Steel Punch Presses

A steel punch press is used to cut holes in materials that can’t be handled through a traditional mechanical process. The machine is called the punch or press. It uses a set of punches and dies that fit together to form a hole in a piece during the manufacturing process. Today’s punch presses are used in many different industries, from creating electronics, computers, transportation and household appliances. Here are five of the key benefits of presses in the manufacturing process.


High Precision to Detail

 The pneumatic punch press not only helps maintain exacting standards in production, it also has long-term stability to ensure precision throughout its life. There are no human errors or inconsistencies that slow down production.


Labor Savings and Safety

Pierce punch equipment is very safe and automated. Even though operators may be needed, with computer-aided detection, these machines can detect feed errors or breakage to reduce loss. Machines can be equipped with other safety features, preventing employee injuries. Because the machines are automated, productivity can increase.


Maximized Yield

 Through the aid of computers, punch press machine dies and punches can be nested to maximize the yield of materials. It reduces waste. Newer press punch machines are also able to reduce energy bills, which also helps your bottom line.


High Volume Production

 Today’s punch presses are typically hydraulic powered which increases rates of punching. Mechanical punches are another classification. Both can really increase production of parts while maintaining safety.


Machines Built to Last

Punch press machines are designed to last a long time but do need to be properly cared for. It’s important to maintain the tooling, the punch and die, to protect the machine and get the most for your money. Over time, you may need to sharpen the punch and die. You’ll notice that the edges of the pieces you are punching are not as sharp. Store the die and punch correctly to protect the edges.


Tips For Getting The Right Punch Press

With so many options when buying press punches, you should know exactly what to focus on when you’re buying a machine.

  • Understand the type of tooling you need for the job you’re doing.
  • Consider the profile or the machine and the load limit for the job.
  • Work with the design and manufacturing engineers to get the right tools for the job.


Quality Engineering to Ensure Success

KIMASTLE has opportunities for your business to test a steel punch press in our prototype punch machine. Our engineers know how to find solutions for even the most difficult applications. Talk to our team about your manufacturing process and let us help you adapt to the ever-changing marketplace that demands more. Our engineers are innovative and dedicated to providing a better manufacturing experience with safety and efficiency in mind.

Get cost-saving solutions to have a competitive edge in manufacturing when you contact us. Whether you’re looking for robotics or robotics integration, program management or CNC machining with a steel punch press, we have the experience to find savings that improve your bottom line.

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