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plastic finishing processes Posted Jan 3, 2019

Plastic Finishing Processes

What Does the Degating Process Involve?

Whenever you create a product or part using injection molding, it will have to undergo the degating process. When a substance is melted and poured into casting molds, channels called gates allow the material to flow into the hollow spaces of the mold to form into a solid part. Removing the material that hardens in the channels so that just the finished piece remains is known as degating. The expert designers at KIMASTLE Corporation have developed custom degating solutions for many types of manufacturing settings and understand how to improve your unique plastic finishing processes, no matter what your industry.


Major Considerations

Different types of businesses require various methods of degating. Automated cutting systems for plastic finishing processes can help you realize a substantial return on investment while also helping improve your operation’s working conditions. In the foundry process, automated degating systems can help improve worker safety. Implementing a well thought out automated degating method can help you:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase production rates
  • Decrease worker injuries


Streamlined Plastic Finishing Processes

Implementing automated processes throughout your production cycle helps you stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing market. Slow, inefficient manual methods are not only dangerous, but they cannot keep up with solutions engineered to make each manufacturing step more efficient. By carefully examining your current operation and looking for opportunities to improve it through available technology, you can realize dramatic improvements in a surprisingly short time.


A Trusted Leader

KIMASTLE Corporation believes in increasing the value of your operation by improving your processes. Every detail, such as the degating process, in the finishing of your products helps you to accel and beat the competition. Utilizing today’s advanced automation design principles combined with our expertise in helping you implement them can take you farther than you can imagine. Contact us today, and let our team of dedicated professionals begin designing systems to meet your unique manufacturing challenges.

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