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Conveyor Automation Posted Apr 18, 2018

What To Do Before Purchasing a Conveyor Automation System

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When you are in the market for a new conveyor automation machine, you want to get the best piece of equipment for your company. We specialize in offering innovative manufacturing solutions, so we can help you pick out the best machinery for your business. Use this list to figure out what you need to factor in before making a purchase.

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Consider Employee Safety

Before you buy a conveyor and automation system, you need to think about the safety of your employees. Machines with guards may help improve the overall safety because workers can perform tasks near the machine without fear of getting caught on the conveyor. You may also want to consider the actions your workers will have to take when working on the line. Repetitive lifting or twisting motions can lead to workplace injuries. You may want to try to buy a system that does not require employees to take on potentially harmful repetitive tasks.

Another aspect of employee safety comes in the form of maintenance. Even though you are buying a new machine, you need to think about how you will keep it in working order. A broken-down conveyor eats into the efficiency of your production and could lead to serious worker injuries. Can you properly maintain the system you want?


Think About Your Product

The type of product you are trying to move should play a role in the conveyor you buy. Granular products have to be moved along differently than packaged materials. Some products may need to stay refrigerated, which means you need equipment that can work properly in a frigid environment. As you set out to buy an automation system, you need to make sure it will work with the materials you want to move.


Factor in Your Space

Does your building have the power and air supply needed to run the conveyor automation systems you are interested in? If your building doesn’t have the voltage needed, you won’t even be able to run your new machine. As you factor in your space, also think about the dimensions of the machine to determine if it will physically fit where you need it to.


Focus on Usability

Once you know the machine will fit in your space, you still have to think about how it will function. You may be able to select machines that have a variety of controls. The right one for you may depend on your space and the needs you have for the machine. Common options include extra emergency stops, on and off switches or conveyor speed controls. As you think about which buttons and dials you want your equipment to have, you also have to remember that more controls can lead to higher cost.

Another aspect of usability you must consider is how frequently your machine gets used. Measure the overall equipment efficiency of your system by thinking about how much of the time your line produces product. If you have 24-hour production, your needs may be slightly different than a company that only needs to produce product eight hours a day.

Picking out the perfect conveyor automation equipment can be challenging. Work with us here at KIMASTLE Corporation to get more help picking out the right automation system for your company.

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