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heat staking equipment Posted Jan 3, 2019

Heat Staking Equipment

Heat Staking Processes and Procedures

The heat stake process has several advantages over other types of joining methods such as adhesive and fastening and most standards approve of its use. Having a good grasp of this technology and understanding how it can benefit your operation will help enable you to enjoy the competitive advantage offered by the use of this assembly method. At KIMASTLE Corporation we design and help implement a wide variety of assembly machinery, including heat staking equipment.


Exploring the Advantages

The heat stake method is used to join all types of materials to plastic in a variety of applications. One of the attractive things about this assembly method is that it is a safe method to use when you need to attach electronic components to a plastic housing or display. Some of the pluses of heat staking include:

  • No rivets or screws to order, purchase and inventory
  • Final product demonstrates high bond strength
  • Assembly operation is completed in one step
  • Non-plastic parts remain unaltered
  • Risk is reduced for damage to sensitive parts


Understanding the Process

Joining two pieces together with heat staking equipment is a straightforward concept. The first element, which must be made of plastic, is molded with stakes, or studs, placed at strategic bonding locations. The receiving component, which can be plastic or non-plastic, has holes drilled to correspond to the positions of the studs. The holes in the receiving component are drilled to be slightly larger than the studs on the primary part so that they go together with a slip fit.

Enough heat to soften and slightly deform the studs is applied until a head is created on the studs that lock the two assemblies together. As the plastic studs cool, the adhesion becomes permanent. Since the temperature and pressure used is precisely controlled, none of the other components suffer any adverse effects.


Working With the Best

KIMASTLE Corporation understands the difficulties presented by the manufacturing industry and has years of experience helping companies overcome them. Contact us online today, or call us at (586) 949-2355 to discuss with our team how we can help you.

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