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conveyor automation systems benefits Posted Aug 24, 2015

Benefits of Conveyor Automation Systems

Conveyor system automation applications have been implemented in numerous industries that require equipment handling and the transportation of materials from one location to another on a daily basis. These systems have become commonplace due to the extensive variety of benefits of automation in manufacturing plants that have been achieved as a result of their implementation.


Benefits of Automation in Manufacturing

Kimastle Corporation focuses on four main types of conveyor system automation including walking beam, rotary, power and free, and over under. There are several types of conveyor system automation currently being used today. There are many benefits of automation in manufacturing. These benefits can be achieved through the implementation of conveyor automation:


Risk Reduction

Conveyor system automation can result in the reduction of risk and improved operational performance during the manufacturing or product handling process. These systems improve overall equipment performance and reduce unplanned halts in production.

Requiring less labor to transport products from assembly line locations, injury risk can be dramatically reduced. All manufacturers desire to release products at the lowest possible cost and associated risks. Conveyor system automation can help manufacturers achieve this goal.


Reduced Labor Costs

The implementation of a conveyor system can drastically reduce labor costs through advancements in conveyor technology.

Conveyor systems can eliminate change over tasks if implemented correctly and decrease overall production hours needed to complete manufacturing and equipment handling processes.

Conveyor systems increase product handling speeds which allow organizations to significantly increase production speeds resulting in lower costs and drive higher yields.

Conveyor system automation has consistently increased speed and efficiency in multiple industries by over 15%.

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