Build Capabilities


KIMASTLE has built a reputation for producing high-quality automation systems on a global level due to our experienced workforce, advanced apprenticeship program, and family oriented environment.

A majority of KIMASTLE’s builders have over 30 years’ experience—many of them have been with us since the company was founded. A spirit of creativity and innovation is encouraged and every employee is involved in the development of our products at every stage. And there’s a special focus on efficiency and eliminating waste in build times.


Through our advanced apprenticeship program, we take employees who show potential and help them develop key skills through mentoring. This highly-effective system prepares them in all areas including build, engineering and design, controls and programming, CNC and machining, fabrication, electrical, and IT support.

When developing skill sets withing the organization we find that some employees show interest in multiple departments. Cross training has been implemented to allow employees to work in multiple departments as workloads transition throughout the organization. This gives KIMASTLE employees not only the skills to accomplish tasks but the knowledge to understand how to improve their main position in the organization. Developing a respect with one another throughout the departments gives KIMASTLE a synergy that is needed when focused on expedited timing or unexpected delays in production. The goal is simple, identify the problem as a team, find the solution, learn and record for future advancement.

Our family-oriented culture is another factor that sets us apart. Everyone feels like they’re part of the KIMASTLE team and takes great pride in their time spent at work and with their families. Our leaders have a reputation for developing leaders—employees who are self-motivated and goal oriented. This atmosphere is reflected in the quality of the machines we produce.