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warehousing services Posted Apr 25, 2019

Benefits of Using Warehouse Services

Storing your parts and equipment can be a hassle. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for surplus inventory, or need a temporary holding place as you assemble and transfer parts to your customer, find out how KIMASTLE can provide you with efficient industrial warehouse services today.

Secure Storage

Whether you assemble military equipment or manufacture automotive accessories, we can house it all. An external warehousing service allows you to safely store your parts without worrying about security systems, storage space or additional staff to protect your essential components.

Security is about more than theft prevention. It also includes keeping your products at a safe temperature, organized efficiently and available when you need them. Our efficient process is designed to keep your products stored securely while eliminating waste and improving the overall efficiency of your operation, regardless of the size of your company.

Heated Space

Don’t let your heat-sensitive components sit out in the cold. When you search for warehouse services in Macomb County Michigan, you can expect cold winters and unexpected frosts throughout the spring, fall and winter. Don’t rely on weather reports to prevent your parts from freezing. A heated warehouse can keep your inventory at a consistent temperature and humidity all year.

At KIMASTLE, we have a spacious 6,000-square-foot warehouse that is heated to prevent any freezing temperatures. If your inventory is sensitive to the cold, don’t risk outdoor or unconditioned storage. Our spacious location can handle large or small storage needs. Whether you operate a small manufacturing business or need large, long-term storage solutions, find out today if our warehousing service is right for you.

Convenient Manufacturing Services

One of the most convenient uses of KIMASTLE storage space is for our customers. If you’re working with us with one of our manufacturing or assembly processes, avoid the logistics of transporting your finished products back to your warehouse. Instead, let our team handle storing your parts or equipment and we can work with you to ship them directly to your customer.

Efficient Management

Outsourcing your warehouse management allows you to save money on a number of areas, while also avoiding unexpected costs and problems. With less warehousing space of your own, you won’t have to invest in additional equipment. From forklifts and pallets to heaters and trucks, warehousing comes with many hidden fees.

You can also operate with a smaller staff due to minimal warehousing. When you let a specialized warehousing company handle your inventory or equipment, you don’t need to hire additional employees in order to handle the surplus storage. KIMASTLE works with highly trained warehousing staff who know how to effectively manage large quantities of materials.

Finally, with a professional setup and friendly staff, a specialized warehousing management service offers your customers the highest quality customer service. You deliver unparalleled precision when it comes to your parts and equipment, so choose a service that matches your commitment to excellence in customer service and storage safety.

All Parts Welcome

KIMASTLE is a family-owned manufacturing, assembly and storage corporation designed to help you compete in your industry. Manufacturing and industrial industries can be highly specialized and highly competitive. If you’re looking to expand your storage space as you grow your business, find out how our customized solutions can help you grow your business. Proudly located in Macomb County, Michigan, we manage products for a variety of industries, including automotive.

From specialized military components to general manufacturing equipment, choose KIMASTLE warehousing services today to discover a safe and efficient way to store your products. Contact us today to learn how to get started, and consider how our assembly services could also help you streamline your manufacturing process and improve your bottom line. Add additional warehousing space today, or consider choosing KIMASTLE for all your warehousing needs.

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