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automation benefits Posted Mar 26, 2019

Advantages of Automated Systems Over Manual Systems

Automation means investing capital in state-of-the-art machinery. What are the benefits of automation in a manufacturing company? Here are eight reasons why automated systems from Kimastle offer an edge in today’s high-tech world:

1. Worker Safety

Worker injuries are costly for two reasons. First, when employees get hurt, numerous departments may need to become involved and production slows. Second, medical bills, injury pay and other liabilities can carry a large price tag. Safety standards violations can have serious consequences for process certification.

By removing workers from potentially dangerous factory environments, automation keeps everyone safe and productive. That way, you can use employees in areas where their expertise is required.

2. Consistent Quality Levels

Even the most experienced workers get tired or make mistakes. This may result in poor product consistency or a large number of parts rejected by quality assurance teams. Your company’s reputation depends on delivering items that match specifications to the letter. Automation produces easily adjustable, quantifiable and repeatable results every time.

3. Unparalleled Precision

As electronic components continue to become smaller, millimeter- or micron-thickness measurements become increasingly important. Skilled workers may be able to perform these delicate operations, but machines are simply capable of doing the job better and more quickly. Automated systems turn out piece after piece following these exacting measurements.

4. Increased Speed

Automation also excels at operating speed. It’s virtually impossible for human workers to match the assembly rates of carefully designed machinery. From performing split-second spot welding at exactly the right temperature to creating complex spring assemblies, automated factories can produce a higher quantity of products in less time. This increased productivity is great for your bottom line.

5. Higher Production Output

The advantages of automation in manufacturing compared to manual processes include increased order fulfillment and total production output. Factories can work longer and smarter. Instead of having to hire double or triple the number of employees, and coordinate shift complicated shift schedules, computer-controlled machinery works practically around the clock with minimal worker supervision. In turn, higher total production allows manufacturers to accept additional work orders or larger contracts, increasing revenue.

6. Reduced Labor Costs

Will switching from manual tasks to automated ones reduce manufacturing overhead? This is something that each factory overseer needs to analyze carefully. In many states, rising wages and salaries, coupled with the cost of employee benefits and insurance premiums, make shifting focus to automation a sound financial decision.

After all, computers and machinery don’t require overtime pay or periodic raises. This doesn’t mean that you have to do away with manual systems entirely, just that noticing areas where you can streamline operations can boost profit margins by a lot.

7. More Reliable Lead Times

Due to the dependable nature of automated production, it’s easier for your company to meet target deadlines. When you don’t have to worry about key employees calling in sick or human error resulting in ruined product lots, you can estimate lead times precisely and deliver shipments when you say you will. This can have a huge effect on customer satisfaction and your company’s reputation for excellence.

8. Less Wasted Raw Materials

The precise cuts and perfect shaping provided by computer-aided systems often utilize raw materials better. As many manufacturers and logistics teams know, these seemingly small cost savings add up quickly.

Bring Automation to Your Manufacturing Process

At Kimastle, we’re experts at helping companies identify ways to utilize automation for unsurpassed results. By building a custom system from the ground up, we provide manufacturers with a perfect balance of cost, efficiency and quality. To learn more about the advantages of automated conveyor system and other manufacturing equipment, contact our expert technicians online or at (586) 949-2355.

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