Our Mission and Vision


KIMASTLE Corporation’s mission is to provide customers with innovative manufacturing solutions by providing products and services tailored specifically to our customers’ needs and requirements.

our mission and vision

KIMASTLE Corporation believes in providing automation that will increase the value of both the manufacturing process as well as the products in which the automation manufactures. It is our mission to increase the value of our machines through extensive research and development of customer product and internal management.

KIMASTLE Corporation believes in a lean management style that takes pride in eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, and providing a safe working environment. Eliminating waste through standardization and increasing technology allowing the flow of work in progress to have minimal push and pull through the organizational structure. Increasing efficiency with a healthy budget and a responsive managerial team focused on solving solutions and remaining innovative. A Safe environment will be provided through a means of controlled and articulated managerial structure that not only provide a physical means of safety but a mental and spiritual safety for both customers and employees alike.

KIMASTLE is dedicated to ensure that every internal and external relationship be nurtured and developed with the utmost importance. KIMASTLE strives to be the superlative supplier that every customer and employee respects.



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